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February 2, 2016

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Starting the New Year off on the right foot – in February…

February … what?! As most of us I’m in awe at the speed in which the months sometimes pass. I was on deadline to submit my blog entry first week of January – you know when you are back fresh from the holidays, full of motivation, ready for your “kick-ass” year and all the rest of the things we tend to lie about. But January arrived and I was tired. More like TIRED. The holidays can sometimes take a lot out of you and not replace the energy with anything more than cake. And I am not going to lie – winter kills me sometimes. I find it hard to be motivated and to get my creative juices flowing. So my blog was late. Is late. But here I am back up to bat again. Because my mojo is back.

I am very aware of when I lose my mojo and when it comes back. And I decided to share my mojo-getting secrets with you as penance for being a month late with my entry:

1- Walk outside. We just got a border collie, and there is nothing better than fighting off the molasses that creeps in this time of year than a great walk in the fresh air.

2- Read/listen to books that motivate you. The one that got me through January was Essentialism: The Discipline of Doing Less. The author has a very soothing voice and very interesting ideas about how to streamline your life and actually do the things YOU want to do and not feel like you need to be everything to everybody.

3- Be a good friend to good friends. One of my closest lost her dad in January and being big part of her journey in the last days of his life was something that has forever altered my view of life and living. It brings perspective and a deeper understanding of what the hell this is all about.

4- Cuddle. With dogs, children, lovers, spouses. Cuddling (aka Love) is not only cozy but also releases much needed endorphins. Did you know that a hug that last more than 16 seconds has the same effect as anti-depressants? Don’t quote me on that but that’s what I am going with.

5 – Surrender.  This is very hard to achieve but achieve it you must. The worst thing we can do when we are tired, and sad and unmotivated is tell ourselves we shouldn’t be tired, or sad or unmotivated. Just sit in it. Not too long, but long enough. Releasing the reigns on how you should feel does something miraculous: it makes space for the good vibes to find their way back in. Replace the guilt with forgiveness and self-compassion and see what happens.

I know none of this has to do with PR or films or entertainment. It has to do with getting through the tough times. I know we all go through them and I like to acknowledge that fact. February is here now and lots of fun projects on the way. And NOW I am ready for my “kick-ass” year. Happy 2016 to you all!


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