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December 17, 2020

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Touchwood PR’s 10th Anniversary Throwback

Last year, our team, clients, friends and family gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Touchwood PR. It was a magical evening, especially when looking back on the night through the lens of 2020. It was one of the last big events we attended all together as a team, and we spent the night reminiscing and celebrating our accomplishments from the last ten years and the amazing friendships and partnerships that we made along the way. 

December 2020 looks a little different. Like many of you and your work colleagues, our team hasn’t seen each other since March. Our whole team meets regularly via  Zoom, and we collaborate over phone calls, emails, Google docs, and video calls. Last year, Andréa Grau, Touchwood PR’s fearless leader, made a speech on the ten things that she had learned over the past ten years. One of the lessons she highlighted was that “kindness and compassion are real and true currencies that should be exchanged, valued and protected”. This lesson has really carried the Touchwood PR team this year. In a timeof uncertainty and isolation, our kindness and compassion for each other has made this year a little easier and lighter. 

While we might not be able to meet up in person, we’re taking this time to reminisce about a time when life was a little bit less heavy. Here’s hoping that next year won’t be quite as challenging as 2020, but knowing that whatever comes our way, we can count on the kindness and compassion of our colleagues, friends and clients at Touchwood PR. 

Andréa’s “Lessons Learned” Over 10 Years at Touchwood PR

  1. Business, like life, isn’t linear. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, change happens and you have to pivot. And sometimes, changes challenge you to be stronger but most times they lead you to something more magical and amazing – something you could never have imagined for yourself. 
  2. Life is better when you do it with others. 100%. I learned very quickly that I am a much better version of myself when I’m part of a “we” so thank you to those of you who have come along this journey.
  3. Good journalism is vital. Great journalism is a gift. Thank you to all our media friends who partner with us and bring awareness to important and impactful stories that have the ability to change people’s lives in the process. We appreciate you so much. 
  4. Money is not the only currency that matters. Kindness and compassion are real and true currencies that should be exchanged, valued and protected. 
  5. Life goes by really quickly; make sure you do it with people that believe in you and who you believe in as well. 
  6. Business is always personal. Businesses are run by humans who are complex and layered. They are not numbers on a page. The best business meetings I’ve ever had have started with handshakes and ended with hugs. 
  7. Don’t plan your legacy. Just do the work, be your best, and see what happens. 
  8. To share someone else’s story is a privilege not to be taken lightly. This is something that we learn in PR and as publicists in the work that we do. Every story that you entrust us with, we know how important it is and all of the work and passion and energy that has gone into it and we do not take that work lightly. 
  9. The arts are the heartbeat of our society and where healing and joy can happen simultaneously. Please keep the arts alive everybody!
  10. Fun should always be prioritized! 

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